Finding the right mix of telecommunications and internet services—with the best vendors and at the lowest rates—is a daunting task for most small- to mid-sized businesses and organizations.
Audit & Analysis
NuWave helps clients better define their total communication needs by performing a thorough Telecommunication Analysis that helps your company:

  • Reduce costs
  • Find redundancies, waste and other expense generators
  • Discover technology path updates or enhancements to position your firm for future growth

Our services include:

  • Monitoring changing rates and service plans among leading telephone companies to help you get the best value
  • Third-party support to resolve issues with telephone companies and telecom vendors
  • NuWave’s own phone and internet carrier services that serve your needs and budget

Dial Tone and Internet
Supported by telecom specialists and partnered with our commitment to excellent customer service, NuWave’s own phone and internet carrier services are competitively priced and provide the easy-to-understand features and simple billing missing from many of today’s major providers’ programs.