NuWave will give you the customer service you need.

-Executive Director,Jim Zook

They allow us to do what we do, and that’s take care of patients.

-Practice Administrator,Chris Longton

You have to have a firm you can trust, and you have to like the work they do.

-CFO,Dale Feldpausch

It was a very tight project. It came in exactly on time, with no hiccups.

-President,Fred Shuart

I reached out to Cisco for a local Cisco partner, and they pointed me in their direction. NuWave worked out great for us.

-IT Manager,John Moore

All I know is they came and fixed our problem, and it all works today.

-President,Rob Fowler

I don’t think they left any rock unturned as far as training, and I don’t think we could be any more appreciative.

-President,Dan Shaheen