Operational effectiveness|2019-06-07

Chemistry in Information Technology?

Jeff Gendron

No, we’re not talking biosensors or nanites (at least not in this blog), rather the importance of finding the right technology provider for your business.

While it’s important that any vendor you hire to provide services to your organization is a “good fit,” the relationship you have with your information technology provider is paramount. Technology is the backbone of your company, providing the resources of productivity and tracking for your employees, and ensuring the satisfaction of your customers. You can waste a lot of time, money, and goodwill with technology that doesn’t appropriately meet your needs and keep up with advancements in the field. Much like Goldilocks’ dilemma, your technology solution needs to be just right.

For most providers in the competitive technology market, there exists a “take all” client mindset. Over our more than X years in business, Nuwave has learned importance of working only with those with whom there’s a solid fit. A successful partnership requires shared philosophies and expectations, which builds into a relationship of trust. Assessment begins from a first meeting and continues throughout the contract term. Understanding such things as your business structure, industry uniqueness, operational systems, revenue generation, financial constraints, future projection and goals, and more, provide a basis for a recommended technology plan. This process, and its continued iterations, enable both you, as the client, and Nuwave, as the provider, to learn and evaluate our respective cultures and personalities. The potential for a great relationship emerges quickly, as do the warning signs of a poor fit.

Technology is much more than a necessary expense; it’s a critical investment. Viewing it as a major contributor to your success, and finding a provider who understands your unique needs, constraints, and goals and seeks to work with you as a trusted partner is time and effort well spent. Let us help you keep from trying out porridge that’s too hot or too cold and quickly get to the solution that’s just right to improve your bottom line.

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