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Cognitive Collaboration, the evolution of collaboration, and why humans and computers think better together.
Cognitive powered applications driven through Cisco Webex Teams offer the opportunity to transform interactions between humans, applications, and devices; enabling analytical insights into historical and real-time data that provides actionable information capable of improving physical and virtual interactions and workspaces.

Inspired Teams

• Connect – Connection is the social glue and builds trust, a necessary foundation for people to be the best version of themselves.
• Share – By continuously sharing knowledge within the team, we build a whole that is larger than the sum of its parts.
• Engage – Through ideating, building and reviewing, planning and assigning tasks, we iterate, reflect, explore, and get a deeper collective understanding of our work.

Benefits of Collaboration Today

• More effective meetings
• Improved workplace efficiency
• Improved customer interactions

The Value of Cognitive Collaboration

• Cost savings
• Revenue enhancements
• Productivity improvements

“When you think and communicate starting with the Why, you can inspire others.”
-Simon Sinek

Start with the Why – Evaluating Cognitive Collaboration in Your Organization

Analyzing the applicability of cognitive collaboration starts with a solid understanding of workstyles, personae, and proven processes for the application of Artificial Intelligence, and will provide measurable traction and outcomes that are simple, secure, and reliable.

Cisco Webex®

Cisco Webex makes it easy for teams to securely meet, collaborate, and stay productive. With Webex, you can transform meetings into better team experiences.

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