Co-Managed Solutions

Why should your internal IT team partner with NuWave Technology Partners?

Outsourcing IT Network Management Enables Your IT Team to Focus.

Today, IT Departments are under constant and intense pressure supporting essential business priorities including end users, line of business applications and increasing pressure to ensure cybersecurity resilience. At times, these demands fully exceed the capacity of your IT department.

Responding to these increasing demands on your IT Team often leads to problems for the business including:

Critical projects get delayed
End-user support can be slow and productivity suffers
New technology and line of business application functionality are not quickly adopted
Company leadership is not seeing the Return on Investment (ROI) they expect from IT

Simply adding additional employees to your IT team does not typically address the root problem. Our clients have found relief by changing their approach and augmenting their internal IT team with outsourced IT network management and support from NuWave Technology Partners.

How Does Co-Managed IT Network Management Work?

Network management and support is our core competency and constant focus. NuWave takes the mundane yet critical tasks off your internal IT Department enabling them to focus more time and attention on critical business priorities that directly affect user productivity. This allows time for important projects to get completed, supporting end users promptly and managing the mission-critical line of business applications. This focus of attention and additional resources leads to increasing your ROI for IT.

NuWave assumes responsibility to manage and support your IT network infrastructure including:

Building a roadmap/budget that aligns your business objectives with IT investment
Strengthening your IT security posture
Delivering comprehensive network monitoring and support
Administering backup and disaster recovery systems
Managing software updates for critical systems
Coordinating with 3rd party IT vendors

NuWave brings capacity, expertise, and a state-of-the-art IT toolkit for a fixed monthly budget.

Who Needs This Outsourced Network Management and Support Model?

Typically, our clients have a small IT department (often 1-2 people), however we also support large organizations with IT departments. Often, our have clients have multiple locations and must support dozens (or even hundreds) of end users. Our clients also have a substantial network of IT Network assets – desktops, laptops, services, switches, firewalls, storage, wireless access, remote users, etc. Our clients struggle with finding and keeping the right talent. There is also the reality that individuals with highly specialized skills are not needed on a regular basis. Like a cardiologist in the medical world, highly specialized IT professionals are not needed every day by most people. However, when you need a specialist like a cardiologist, you want to know you have access to the best.

What does this partnership with your IT department look like?

Our goal is to forge a strong working partnership with your IT department, not replace them. As a joint team we will:

  • Define the network management roles and responsibilities that will be outsourced to NuWave
  • Perform a thorough assessment of your network and infrastructure assets
  • Review your policies, procedures, and documentation
  • Develop a transition plan to transfer network management and support responsibilities
  • Define performance metrics, escalations, and process improvements
  • Conduct weekly program management meetings to review performance, identify adjustments, and define joint goals
  • Conduct Quarterly Business Reviews with the leadership team to review service performance, network roadmap, budget etc.

Does Your Business Need to Partner with NuWave?

If your IT demands and workload consistently exceeds your current capacity to get this vital work done, then exploring a strategic outsourcing partnership with NuWave makes sense. If our co-managed services seem like the right fit for your current business needs, complete the form in the right-hand column and Jason will reach out to you.