Your business runs on technology and you need solutions that just work! Whether you’re an enterprise with an in-house I.T. team or a small business looking for big options, you need technology solutions that won’t get in your way. Our number one goal is to provide all of our clients with real-world services that are simple, secure, and reliable.



We see it all the time: organizations wasting precious hours worrying about their network, trying to solve every I.T. issue on their own, and burning through valuable resources in the process. Factor in unpredictable costs each time something goes haywire and it’s enough to make you lose your mind. This is where our experience and skills truly shine. We’ve been there and we know what it takes to keep an organization running smoothly. 


Having the security that a great company is watching over our business really improves how we perform for our clients. This has truly elevated our business in the construction management world.

Ryan Kincaid

Owner, Kincaid Building Group

When we have a technology project of any kind, we don't have to look around for vendors - we just contact NuWave. We consider them a member of our Biewer Lumber I.T. Team.

George Noble

Biewer Lumber

You have to have a firm you can trust, and you have like the work they do.

Dale Feldpausch

CFO, Capital Region International Airport

All I know is they came and fixed out problem, and it all works today.

Rob Fowler

President, Small Business Association of Michigan

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