Managed Solutions

Real traction that is simple, secure, and reliable!

Whether you have an in-house I.T. department or you’re a small business with limited resources, we’ve got your back. NuWave’s proven process starts with understanding your vision to build and manage an I.T. strategy that supports your organization. This results in solutions that meet your specific needs and are simple, secure, and reliable. We enjoy working with organizations of every type, which is why we offer both co-managed and fully-managed options.
Proven process

Kick unpredictable I.T. expenses to the curb

After decades of collective experience, we’ve seen enough to write novels (but we promise we’ll keep this short!). We’ve seen great organizations grossly overspend attempting to solve their I.T. problems and execs struggling to single-handedly try to manage their own networks. We’ve seen a lot of bad and we’ve done a lot of good. The path that gets us to the good is via a proven process that pays careful attention to the six strategic priorities to creating I.T. peace of mind:

  • Planning and budgeting
  • Healthy infrastructure
  • I.T. quality
  • Risk management
  • Security
  • Operational effectiveness and efficiency
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