Cloud Services

Go ahead, get your head back into the clouds.

Whether it resides in our Cisco based private environment, or our world class public cloud ecosystem, NuWave Connect is a powerful cloud computing solution that allows you and your team to be productive from anywhere.

Things you should know about NuWave Connect:

It’s secure: By letting us help you with a Solution Based Architecture, your applications and your data are securely available to enable your productivity from anywhere with any device with an internet connection. This is real business continuity with real security.

It’s scalable: Our Cloud solutions expand and contract with your business, staying as highly flexible as they are highly available. When your future growth arrives, we will always be ready.

It’s relevant: NuWave Connect is always up-to-date, so you never have to worry about outgrowing it like you would with those continuously aging technology tools. Likewise, concerns over your technology ever being considered “end of life” are a thing of the past. With us as your infrastructure, your edge stays in the lead, without paying for more than you need!

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